Coins by Kind

Collection coins of different kinds, like gold and silver coins, euro coins, dollar coins, Tiffany, Swarovski, with pearls, nanotechnology, etc... Only products in stock are shown.

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  • Gold Coins

    Gold coins and gold plated coins.

  • Silver Coins

    Commemorative silver coins.

  • Plated Coins

    Commemorative copper, cupronickel and silver plated coins.

  • Dollar Coins

    US Dollar coins. USA coins, American Silver Eagle, Liberty, NGC certificated dollar coins. Morgan dollar.

  • Euro Coins

    Euro coins. Euro coins from European countries.

  • Especially Original

    Especially original coins. Original gifts.

  • Holograms

    Coins with holograms. Holography is the science and practice of making holograms. Normally, a hologram is a photographic recording of a light field, rather than of an image formed by a lens, and it is used to display a fully three-dimensional image of the holographed subject, which is seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics.

  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology coins. Nanotechnology ("nanotech") is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. The earliest, widespread description of nanotechnology referred to the particular technological goal of precisely manipulating atoms and molecules for fabrication of macroscale products, also now referred to as molecular nanotechnology.

  • NGC Certificate

    Third-party coin grading from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) ensures that your coin has been impartially graded by the industry's numismatic experts. Buying NGC coins you could see the coins you buy in the ngccoin webpage, offering the services, Verify NGC Certification, NGC Census, etc. NGC encapsulated coins are securely protected: Their leading security measures, including their industry-first security hologram, bar code and coin identification number, make insurance protection and cataloging easy. Their innovative EdgeView holder design is also currently the most reliable means of safe storage for your coins. Using inert plastics and sulfur-free paper, it has been tested and proven to provide an effective barrier from corrosive gases and moisture. This holder is identical to the one now used by the Smithsonian to house some of its most important coins.

  • Pearls & Precious...

    Coins with pearls and precious gemstones.

  • Prisms

    Prism technique coins. In optics, a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light. At least two of the flat surfaces must have an angle between them. The exact angles between the surfaces depend on the application. The traditional geometrical shape is that of a triangular prism with a triangular base and rectangular sides, and in colloquial use "prism" usually refers to this type. Some types of optical prism are not in fact in the shape of geometric prisms. Prisms can be made from any material that is transparent to the wavelengths for which they are designed. Typical materials include glass, plastic and fluorite.

  • Special Sets

    Special sets.

  • Swarovski

    Swarovski Crystals coins. Swarovski AG is an Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass, headquartered in Wattens, Austria. The Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal glass sculptures and miniatures, jewelry and couture, home decor, and chandeliers. All sculptures are marked with a logo. The original Swarovski logo was an edelweiss flower, which was replaced by an S.A.L. logo, which was finally replaced with the current swan logo in 1988.

  • Tiffany

    Tiffany crystals coins. Tiffany Art series. Tiffany & Company (known colloquially as Tiffany or Tiffany's) is an American worldwide luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York City. Tiffany sells jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, as well as some leather goods. Many of these goods are sold at Tiffany stores, as well as through direct-mail and corporate merchandising. Tiffany is renowned for its luxury goods and is particularly known for its diamond jewelry. Tiffany markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style. Louis Comfort Tiffany (February 18, 1848 – January 17, 1933) was an American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass. He is the American artist most associated with the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements. Tiffany was affiliated with a prestigious collaborative of designers known as the Associated Artists, which included Lockwood de Forest, Candace Wheeler, and Samuel Colman. Tiffany designed stained glass windows and lamps, glass mosaics, blown glass, ceramics, jewelry, enamels and metalwork. Louis Comfort Tiffany was born in New York City, New York, the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany and Company; and Harriet Olivia Avery Young.