Oceania and South Pacific
Oceania and South Pacific

Commemorative Gold and Silver Coins minted in countries of Oceania and the South Pacific.

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  • Australia

    Commemorative coins from Australia. Perth Mint coins, with inserts, coloured. Lunar Series, Australian Bush Babies, Opal Series, etc...

  • Cook Islands

    Commemorative coins from the Cook Islands. Hollywood Legends silver coins, exclusive designs and exquisite packaging. Series: Meteorites, Windows of Heaven, Imperial Egg in Cloisonné, History of Egypt, Silver Luxury Line, etc...

  • Fiji

    Commemorative coins from Fiji. Series: Egypt, Filigree, Mother of Pearl, Lunar series, Apocalypse, Meteorites, Volcanoes, etc...

  • Niue

    Commemorative coins from Niue. Limited edition, limited mintage, coloured and design. Series: Star Wars, Crystal Art, Mysteries of History, etc...

  • Palau

    Commemoratice coins from Palau. Series: Tiffany Art, Mountains & Flora, Marine Life Protection, World of Wonders, etc... Lucky clovers.

  • Pitcairn Islands

    Commemorative coins from the Pitcairn Islands. Deep Sea Fish and Jellyfish series.

  • Solomon Islands

    Commemorative coins from the Solomon Islands.

  • Tuvalu

    Commemorative coins from Tuvalu. Perth Mint coins. Coins from the series Deadly & Dangerous, Wildlife in Need, Dragons of Legend, Mythical Creatures, etc... Excellent and detailed presentation box, runs very limited edition and numbered.